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he invented theories and psycho analysis. the most helpful thing he did, however was join bill s. preston esq. and ted theodore logan on an excellent adventure in which he got to travel around time with the likes of socrates and billy the kid ending up in a 1990's high school where he helped saved their butts in a school project. this then enabled them to stay together, helping the dream of WYLD STALLIONS to live on.
look over there dude, its sigmund frued
by rathsangatas drink November 01, 2004
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An Austrian neurologist who did a shit load of cocaine and smoked a shit load of cigars. Some of his contributions to the world include accusing kids of wanting to engage in coitus with their parents and trying to interpret dreams in a very fucked up way. He eventually got oral cancer and died.
Kid: What's wrong with me Dr. Freud?
Sigmund Freud: Well I think you're competing against your father for sexual attention from your mother.
by freudianslipmyass April 29, 2014
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A psychiatrist who is most notably known for coming up with his idea of the id, ego, and super-ego.
Sigmund Freud also did a hella Cocaine and thought the effects of cocaine were good for some of his patients with nervous disorders.
by Dancing with Fire June 17, 2011
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A sex move in which you take a girl doggystyle while facing a window. A friend who has been waiting patiently in the closet comes out, and you smoothly switch places leaving the girl none the wiser. Your friend continues the doggystyle, and you walk outside and wave to her from the window.
Dude, Cindy pissed me off last night, but instead of breaking up with her, me and Brett gave her the Sigmund Freud.
by Facial Ranger March 23, 2007
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Austrian psychiatrist, lived 1856-1939. Came up with things like the 'Oedipus complex', where apparently young males can become jealous of the father and want to fuck their own mothers. In my opinion, that could only happen if I were suddenly adopted by one of the Olsen twins... Hey! They're 18 now, it's open season!
If I could go back in time, I would go visit Sigmund Freud and kick him in the balls for being so stupid
by Quicksand Jesus May 09, 2004
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SickMan Freud - lunatic obsessed with fucking his mother.

The only important this is that he discovered the unconscious mind.

other then that, he was gay and was in love with Carl Jung. Most don\'t know it.
So,,,,you want to have sex with your mother?
by Light. April 26, 2005
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Crikey! I now realise that when I wrote the above, those little minx's were still on the jailbait side of their 18th birthday... I'm utterly utterly ashamed of myself!

I blame Sigmund Freud, because he was a cunt!
Fuck you, Sigmund Freud!
by Quicksand Jesus June 14, 2004
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