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Ohh god! These named girls are hella beautiful.Truly beautiful souls.Siddhi is smart ,always right.Intelligent girl doesnt brag about herself.
Most importantly they let others let bragging for them.

Usually mistaken by many people.
Hottest girl ever with cute smile though.
Well maintained body .They have a breathtaking beauty!
They lead success as per the name .
She is #siddhi if she is blunt enough to shut mouth of others just with simple words.
This girl got an attitude she is siddhi .
by Digvijay January 09, 2018
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1. Defines as success in Hindi.

2.Somebody quite strange, who is often found jumping and crawling. They tend to eat surplus amounts of food. They have irregular patterns, and though they may come off as eccentric, they internally love everyone around them, and would do anything for their friends.
Siddhi will attain success.

Ey Siddhi, get off that kiwi tree!

Siddhi is charismatic.

Siddhi is caring.

by insight30 April 05, 2009
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Siddhi is a fat person who eats alot and behave like a chakka
Look there is a chakka siddhi over there
by Dc24 January 30, 2018
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