1. The original founder of Buddhism. Born in India, founded the base philosophy and values of the system of Buddhism. Lived the life of what we would know as a bum, originally a member of the Indic royalty, leading a simple, yet prosperous and enjoyable life.
Siddhartha translates into " He who attains his goals ".
by Ass Assassin August 31, 2003
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A real man in every sense, amazing in bed, good to talk to, great athlete. But real men are hard to live with, thus a Siddhartha ends up lonely.
Tracy: I met this siddhartha at the club last night and we totally hooked it up.
Stacy: Must be some siddhartha, i dont see him anywhere around now.
Tracy: oh! you know.. sluts and siddhartha is like superman and kryptonite.
by the slut i am June 20, 2011
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A person with a broad head .
Very very disorganised.

by Jupiterian December 3, 2021
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A book in which nothing ever happens. 151 pages of pure torture. Nobody wants to read a book about a spoiled rich Indian kid who wants spiritual whatever, and if they do, by the grace of god have mercy on their soul.
Helga: Hey, did you read that Siddhartha book?
* Yancy pulls out a gun and shoots self in the vagina *
by xOjenna August 31, 2007
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was the first teacher of Buddhism, he was a Noble man , from the 6th century B.C.E, also known as the first Awakened one or Buddha.
Eric: DUDE! did you know that the first Awakened One's name was Siddhartha Gautama?
Frank: no... dude, thats Amazing!
by K.T.C.O.L October 4, 2007
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sihd-hahr-thuh-gau-tah-mah (?)

The name of the very first Buddha.
"Hey, someone correct me about the second pronunciation of His name, ok? I would very much appreciate it. ^_^ "

"The name 'Siddhartha' also means : 'one who attains his goals'. Cool huh? Inspires me to reach my goals in life. How 'bout you? ^_^ "
by Dave March 25, 2004
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An exclamation of surprise used by buddhists. Equivalent to "Sweet mother of God!" or "Sweet baby Jesus!"
Sweet Siddhartha!

Sweet Siddhartha, look at the asymptote on that mother function!

Sweet Siddhartha, what did you do?!
by lethikim1990 March 25, 2011
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