it's simply a win and can be used in various ways like, "A sice","Sice me", "Not a sice" "Sice of the century"
Sal: Aye yo, Danielle did you get pizza?
Danielle: Ya you want a slice?
Sal : Ya, sice me.
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by 214A April 03, 2017
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v ; Slang for to satisfy a request. primarily used in the Northern Virginia area of the DMV
Can you sice me an eighth before I start doing this horsey sauce?

Jim siced me the homework before class on Tuesday.
by Klover11 April 13, 2020
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Verb: Sice is like slice, except for it's sice. Often yelled while playing Call of Duty and using the melee attack to kill an opposing player.

Adjective: used to display great excitment or approval of nearly uncontainable joy.

Related words: throwing sice, shooting sice
Guy #1 kills opposing Call of Duty player with knife attack
Guy #2: Sice!
Guy #1: What does sice mean?
Guy #2: Sice is like slice except for its sice!

Mon, I had Marathon, Lightweight and Commando on and I was sicing guys all night!
by Chemzilla October 26, 2010
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To hit or combust upon an object or somebody with supreme force.
My friend siced that guy so hard that his nose fell off.
I siced that blunt up, let's smoke it quick.
by Henry Lebard April 16, 2006
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To conduct a knife attack on an opponent or team mate while playing Call Of Duty.

When your opponent dies from a knife attack you would scream "SICE" into the headset so you team mates would know.

Throwing knives are also sice-worthy.
"Yo guy, I'm about to sice the sniper camping at the top of the hill". as I walk over to his position, i maneuver my way behind him and then, "SICE" !!!
by Modern Warfare 2 player October 25, 2010
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