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Sice(d) has many different uses.

1. (adj.) excited

2. (adj., usually used with on) obsessed over

3. (verb) to exaggerate

4. (verb) to praise

5. (verb) to cosign after an insult

6. (noun, rarely used) the act of cosigning after an insult
1. I'm so siced for the football game tomorrow!

2. Nobody even fights in that action movie! Why has everyone been siced on it all week?

3. Joe siced that party; it turns out it was for four-year-olds.

4. I've heard a lot about that new singer. Everyone's been sicin' her CD.

5. Person A: Your mom!
Person C: Why you sicin' it?

6. Please be quiet, nobody needs your sicin'.
by RangerD November 11, 2007
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1. A sarcastic phrase, implying that you don't care. Similar to 'Good for you.' Any pronoun can be used in the phrase.

2. The phrase can also be used to genuinely show sympathy for things, similar to the usage of 'That sucks.' This usage usually is preceded by 'well.'

Person A: Hey, look! I just found a dime!
Person B: Well whoop-de-doo, sice your life.
Person A: Hey. Don't be mean. :(


Person A: Where's Tina?
Person B: She had to babysit today.
Person A: Oh...well sice her life. :(
Person B: I know, right?
by RangerD November 11, 2007
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