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Baby I just wanna let you know that I’m always gonna be here for u our relationship I bet with our 2 personalities combined we make a great couple and I just love everything about you your smile how u dressed and when u lay on my shoulder mhm damn that shit goes straight to my heart and when u kissed me my shit sank trust me babe Every period that I don’t have with you i wish I had with you every second I don’t have you I wish I have you bc I love you❤️ you bring good vibes to me and I oh right it because sometime I just wanna talk to u but people like Taino and danesky mad annoying and keep being mad Loud for what but this is all about u and I’m finna rant but every time I’m with it feel like a couple minutes bc time flies when your with the one u love❤️ I might be the luckiest boy in the school to have you and hopefully keep u and and other thing I love is how I could do anything of say anything and u would’ve make fun of me and that what I love about u baby I have so man y feeling it’s hard to express them but I’m Finna do this for u bc I love you and I’ve even seeing that u have been struggle with all these other people you are the reason I don’t care about the other people that hate u are the reason I have a smile on my face everyday never feeling down cause I’m with someone that I love with all my heart u can tell I’m not perfect just look at me peep my grades my ex niggas but me and you I think that’s perfection❤️😘 12/23/18 babe❤️🥰😩😘😭
by I love you sianne January 11, 2019
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a very tall person, who makes everyone smile.

noone can be mad at her.

very smart.

likes world of warcraft, but isnt a nerd.

does not eat animals.
- oh my god, that made me smile, what a sianne!

- that girl got an A, what a sianne.
by hellzyiih September 10, 2009
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siannes will laugh at literally anything you say, also cries at feel good sports movies. Really really good at eating watermelon...should probably enter a watermelon eating contest to win money so that she can spend it on hair conditioner. not great at dancing but tries anyways. is illiterate. is a speed demon but only for .2 miles. siannes are tan and medium height, with 100% sarcasm in every word they utter. get yourself a friend named sianne
hey is that sianne cracking her neck? yeah, its because she ate all that watermelon.
by ice caramel latte May 31, 2018
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