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From the same root as Shalom sh-l-m. Refers to a cycle, returning, health, peace, greetings, and many other things. It is also the name of the lover in the "Song of Songs." Generally miss-translated in Bibles into English as "Shulamite."
The Shulamite woman.
by Lila Loo February 05, 2010
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Shulamit is a beautiful woman with an olive skin Mediterranean complexion who tans easily, with dark hair, a slender body, and voluptuous breasts who is passionately in love with her man and faithful to him; from Song of Songs in the wisdom literature of the Hebrew Bible; King Solomon's beloved wife; incorrectly translated into English as Shulamite; a Semitic Barbie.
Wow, that chick is hot, perfect body, she's a bona fide Shulamit.
by TheArchaeologist May 29, 2017
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