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A girl with a cute face and a smart brain. She has a nice body too. This girl is a go getter and doesn't give up even when its hard. She has her eye on the prize. She'll beat your ass if you fuck with her.
I wish I could be like Shukri I swear. She is always winning fam I don't get it!
by omgimetshukri May 22, 2018
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The most illiterate human being you have ever met, a boy, who is very good looking, sarcastic at times, but has the voice of an angel. You can never be mad at him for a long time. Is very picky upon women.
Damn, you are being such a Shukri, it's so hard to get mad at you!

OMG, I wish he wasn't such a Shukri, I really want to date him, but I can't, I'll never live up to his expectations!
by drloot February 07, 2015
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someone who forgives pretty quick
someone who has a big back
someone who don't trust people that quick
someone that always has their eye one person
"ay did you see shukri today fam"
"ahh, you don't wanna mess wit shukri x"
by shukri the donkey mxlkd January 11, 2018
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