A girl with a big ass / booty.
British slang / grime and trap music.
Man wants a gyal with a big back.
by Agrith March 28, 2016
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big back is the London slang for a big booty
Girl: So, what kind of girls are you into?
Guy: I like a girl with a BIG back! 😍
by vvxvy June 26, 2016
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Is what every mandem wants. For an example ciara got a big back and Shona everyboy wants that but ciara is a bonus because she’s leng and her body is spectacular
by krumzy.y January 2, 2020
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A big back refers to someone's back area and there thiccccc ass
Yo ur girls got a big back u know I would clap that
by Demane March 30, 2020
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This word was used by 6ix9ine in his gooba song
"You're mad im back big mac" which means you're mad and im back so ima buy you a big mac"
Person 1:Bruh you're mad because im back I'll buy you a big mac

Person 2: ok

You're mad im back big mac
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