When one installs a condom in the flacid condition then grows into it.
it's not hard... don't worry I'm shrink wrapping it..
by the noodle'er December 9, 2008
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A sexual act performed by gay men, involving one man who is uncut (not circumsized)

Pressing the heads of two penises together and pulling the fore-skin over the other and simultaneously masturbating both.
Man #1: Wanna play tummy sticks?

Man #2: Sure, can we shrink wrap?

man #1 proceed to pull his foreskin over the head of man # 2 and they mutually masturbate.
by DJ Mack Attack June 4, 2009
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the process of applying a condom to a soft penis.
that ugly bitch paid me 100 bucks to hit it so i had to shrink wrap it to protect my self from her ghanaria.
by trojan whores September 3, 2003
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Being forced or guilted into going to therapy.
I will not go to a therapist! Don't shrink-wrap me!
by Sodom-You June 19, 2013
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When you do the perfect poo which requires, at the most, 1 test wipe.
"Aaaah I just laid down a shrink wrap! no mess, no fuss." - Mr. Poo McPooey-Woo (on the loo)
by I-WIN March 8, 2009
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When a turd or piece of a turd refuses to go down after repeated flushings. It keeps bobbing up as if made of cork.Piling on multiple layers of toilet tissue essentially shrink wraps the obstinate floater and results in a flushable package.
After 5 flushes,I had to shrink wrap a turd to get it to go down.
by wolfbait51 March 24, 2011
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