One who ejaculates prematurely
your first time poking the old lady
also see whippis , chuck it in , Pissing Through The Eye Of A Needle
damnit joel not again, you got a nice Shot In The Eye from your douchebagbrother !
by J-BOMB January 27, 2004
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imagine if we can go back and actually talk to the first shricks on the slave ship
by blitz jean January 02, 2004
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A children's game where they push a bunch of similar objects down a flight of stairs and try to get as many objects down as many stairs as possible. It requires a colonial house to play, unless the house has a basement, and the child can use the stairs leading to the basement.
A good example would be a jigsaw puzzle. It works best with larger puzzles, at least 500 pieces. The child opens the puzzle at the top of the stairs, dumps all the pieces on the top step, then uses the box to push the pieces down the stairs. The child says "Shrick!". It can also be played with other objects, such as plastic magnetic letters/numbers, Matchbox cars, small plastic toy soldiers, etc.
by Jordan_16 August 12, 2010
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