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Some one that likes to get freaky and crazy in the sack. Try new things and be sponatenous where everything goes...biting, scratching, teasing, throwing, etc.
I was with this wildcat last night and ended up the next day with a bite mark on my neck.
by Dave December 30, 2003
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aka C.I.T. (Cougar in Training.) A young woman generally between the ages of 25 - 35, who is on the path to cougar-hood. They often exhibit many of the same traits as cougars, but are generally distinguished by a lesser need to seek out prey.
We thought Buffalo Bills's was going to be hopping with cougars, but there were definitely a lot of wildcats on the prowl too.
by cph_in_CO October 06, 2008
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The name of just about every college sports team in the country.
Guy: Go wildcats!
Guy 2: Wait which ones, Kentucky, Arizona, Kansas State, Northwestern, Villanova or one of about 50 other teams no one cares about?
Guy: Asshole.
by k-state August 29, 2007
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A specific group of people who endure wild adventures at any given time or place. Also known to have a drastic split decision nature.
Unlike many other mammals they do not readily adapt to one ecosystem, you will find them anywhere.
Passenger: "Where does that dirt track lead to?"
Driver: "Lets find out!"
*Turns sharply onto the dirt track*
Passenger: "WILDCATS!" :D

Driver: "Did you see that car ahead make that sharp turn?"
Passenger: "Must be wildcats"
Backseat Passenger: "Damn those wildcats!"

Passenger: "Where are we going?"
Driver: "Fuck it! We're WildCats!! We go where we want!!"
by BadAssBrass January 11, 2011
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A name of many U.S. sports teams that when used in europe and elsewhere provides a sense of comedy thus eliminating any attempts at intimidation.
Player one: Who are we playing today?
Player two: Lisburn wildcats
Player one: Hahahaha! we will easily overcome such measley opposition
by Harv13 May 01, 2010
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where the offensive team in american football uses a running back or a wide reciever as the quarterback in a shotgun formation.

This usually fails miserably if the "qb" can't throw the football.
Ronnie Brown is the best quarterback used in the Wildcat formation... he can actually throw the rock.
by pseudonym2607 January 31, 2010
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