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When you get anally raped by Shrek and his 24 inch cock.
I woke up this morning in pain after a bad dream about Shrek, unable to walk, and unable to move at all like a nugget man. In this dream he entered me without consent. I had a shower later that day to find that my asshole was bleeding and 21 inches wider than last time I remember it being. I was Shraped.
by PedoBear3000 February 12, 2019
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To be taken by surprise by such a heavy, hard, solid and forceful ejection of faeces, that it elicits the feeling of having been raped up the ass by a rock hard shit.
Nessa's walking a bit funny since she went to the bathroom, dang if that girl ain't just got Shraped ....
by Lozballs January 09, 2013
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to be shot for the fact that you will then raped afterward. This is not a very pleasent event because it will be very painful.
Man that white guy just got shraped by them gangsters!
by The Middle of the Night January 20, 2009
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