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A girl who's height ranges from 5" 3 and lower. Usually very light somewhat chubby or very skinny. Use caution: Short jokes are a major turn off, they are sensitive about the subject. They are a perfect companion for a tall male in all aspects, they can reach objects that a tall male must bend down for, as a tall male can reach things on the "top shelf" that the short stature of the small girl limits.

Tall people develop (not always but often) back, leg, and knee problems, a short girl is perfect to have to aid this.
"Look at that short girl! She's so tiny! I want her!"

"Calm down short girl you may combust from excitement"
by Shortchick87 April 17, 2016
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The baddest bitches you will ever meet
Person-OMG you are so short! Bahahhaha
Short girl-*breaks persons skull* who is laughing now beATch
by Unicorneoz12 November 1, 2020
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a girl who deserves endless respect. you are not short you are petite and cute and boys love that! they love that thy can pick you up easily and play around with you. never feel bad about being short it’s nothing to be upset about !!
oh my gosh lindsey is so petite !

omg i know right so cute such a short girl!!
by 5’1shorty June 1, 2018
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a short girl in the eyes of men is like a tall guy in the eyes of women. this is because men like feeling bigger than their partner, it's a biologically engraved masculine want. a short girl is gauranteed to be smaller than you (unless your height is way below average) so she can emphasize that want. it is also because, similarly to a tall guy, being short as a girl also usually indicates having other feminine qualities. being short usually indicates high estrogen levels, which is why short women are expected to have high-pitched voices, more youthful appearances, smaller waist, proportionally bigger breasts, hips and thighs, and feminine personality traits, such as being sweet, cute, and soft. though this is true among most short girls, not all short girls are like this. there are many short girls that are 5 foot in the physical height but 6 foot in the attitude. they're always usually flexible and easier to carry around and move in the devil's tango
both short and tall girls can be cute and hot, this is not just something specific to short girls.

tall girls and short girls are attractive in their own ways. short girls are attractive for relationships, tall girls are attractive for modelling
by mefr28374738 May 1, 2022
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totally adorable and usually chubby. can run around alot and usually not the best at sports. really light and likes piggy back rides.
"wooooaaahhh, natalie is really small!"
"i know right! poor thing, being a short girl made her a little chubby."
"poor short girls"
by yourfuckingnightmare20144 December 3, 2011
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A girl who has an aggressive attitude due to her height and people always looking down on her.
She cute but honestly when she talks you can tell she has short girl syndrome
by shortgirlsyndrome October 26, 2020
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