2 definitions by yourfuckingnightmare20144

Probably one of the best guy friends you'll ever have. He isn't the best looking at the beginning of your friendship, but then out of nowhere he just will become incredibly and ridiculously attractive. You'll fall for him head-over-heels without a doubt. He has such an amazing body and is tall. He looks so much better without his shirt on and with a snapback on.

Most of the time he is either black or white, or BOTH! never hispanic. He is obsessed with good music, and will one day marry a short girl that is hispanic. THE BEST PERSON EVER!
His only flaw is that he is horrible at communication and keeping in contact.
"wow, thomas is amazing.

too bad he moved away, eh?"
"yeh, i was certain i was gonna marry him."
by yourfuckingnightmare20144 December 18, 2011
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totally adorable and usually chubby. can run around alot and usually not the best at sports. really light and likes piggy back rides.
"wooooaaahhh, natalie is really small!"
"i know right! poor thing, being a short girl made her a little chubby."
"poor short girls"
by yourfuckingnightmare20144 December 03, 2011
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