a wild, crazy, amazing girl who will always listen, keep your secrets, and absolutely crack you up!
"That girl is CRAZY!...she must be a Brooklynn."
by Lovey 5 June 11, 2008
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This amazing girl is gorgeous, men want her, and women want to be her. She's funny, and sarcastic. Its very rare to see her in a dress, but if she is wearing a dress better snap a picture cause she looks exactly like heaven. Even tho Her beauty is remarkable graceful, she is not even near graceful. She can be clumsy, and never piss her off, she can kill you with just a evil glare. She loves being in love. Very rare to see her single, and if she is guys are waiting in line waiting for a chance to be with her. Don't disrespect her family or friends are she'll tear you apart. She is talented in all art, acting, paint, photos, etc.
That girl is soo Brooklynn.
by Hotbayoumomma September 25, 2017
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Brooklynn is a girl who can be super hot and cute at the same time. She has the worlds best personailty and is usally really funny. Your really lucky if you know a Booklynn. Keep them forever because there always be there for you.
Guy:I just love Brooklynn she's so amazing!

Brook funny kind nice caring
by babbyygurl September 17, 2017
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Amazing person will always listen to you but sometimes will be on her phone and I'm totally not listen to you But overall she's pretty dope
Have you seen Brooklynn she's dope
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A happy person!!
All ways funny and has great laugh!

And has a bunch of friends
She's a Brooklynn
by CHLOE_the_COW April 10, 2017
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a wild, crazy, amazing girl who will always listen, keep your secrets, and absolutely crack you up! who makes awesome traditions, rides her bike, and is super awesome
Hey Brooklynn, no school tomorrow!
by TCUJACK February 21, 2011
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A quiet, shy girl who always done her work, but when you get to know her she's absolutely wild and amazing. She's a gamer girl, and lip synchs to all her favorite songs. She's gorgeous but hides it under a bunch of stuff, and she can always keep a secret. She listens, though she isn't sympathetic, and she'll stick up for you no matter who you are or what it's about.
She's always sick, though. ):
That's Brooklynn?!
by Emo~Flowers October 27, 2010
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