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Producer and rapper of globally popular R&B flavoured hip-hop music. Changed his name from Puff Daddy after negative publicity from a night club shooting in which one of his crew shot strays. Estimated fortune of US$500 million, with an empire encompassing music production, film, clothes and restaurants. Widely known in music circles as bi-sexual; his Sean John clothes collection pays homage to his gay leanings. Has not settled into a stable heterosexual relationship since his break up with Jennifer Lopez (aka J-lo - a relationship which is started out as a PR strategy, and ended when J Lo's management team became concerned about the negative impact of the aformentioned shooting incident.
P Diddy is a music producer and rapper.
by Twiki-wiki-piki October 15, 2003
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London street slang, in particular black youth culture, for "idiot". Not to be confused with the Irish slang "ejeet".
Look at my mans, he talking like an ijiat.
by Twiki-wiki-piki February 27, 2005
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London street talk amongst Black 'rudeboys' referring to a white 'rudeboy' in their crew.
Check my mans, he's a bluefoot.
by Twiki-wiki-piki March 2, 2005
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Usually a new media, fashion student, photographer-type person with a privileged digital or old school arts background who lives/works/socialises in London's East End area of Shoreditch. A Shoreditch twat has at some point also worked/lived/socialised in the near-by Brick Lane. A Shoreditch twat is defined by their Hoxton Finn haircut, 80s retro 90s fusion clothes (usually a suit jacket, blue ripped jeans, and white trainers/shoes), an ability to talk about pseudo-intellectual artistic bullshit with no relevance to the real world, completely up their own backsides, and a failure to comprehend that they are the laughing stock of the rest of the normal local (ethnic) population. The Shoreditch Twat has now been immortalised by the fictional Nathan Barley and serialised on TV by Channel 4.
Look at that Shoreditch twat across the road.
by Twiki-wiki-piki March 15, 2005
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Nathan Barley is a fictional character that represents all that is bad about the Shoreditch twat, a rich middle-class white guy of a wank stain, schooled in the arts, who thinks they will revolutionise the Internet and wear the coolest 'alternative' fashion clothes, and hang out in the coolest places of East London. In reality, they are out of touch, sheltered, self-absorbed guys with laughable 'trendy' haircuts and generally regarded as cunts by anyone whose ever met them.
by Twiki-wiki-piki February 27, 2005
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