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Sometimes it no longer becomes clear as to where you are currently located, and in such a situation one might consider it to be shoppy.

Shoppiness often is associated with not knowing where you are, but can also refer to a plethora of alternate situations in which an individual is beyond 2 standard deviations away from the normal curve on a scale of having a "cloodle".
17:57 Steve: getting shoppy > opening up
17:58 Alex: Well...opening up has it's pros and cons, I wouldn't necessarily say that getting shoppy is superior right off the bat without giving opening up proper consideration.
17:59 Steve: good point...first we must wieght the pluses and minuses of each one...and then average them into a coefficient, looking at the coefficients we can then determine, by whichever one is higher, which of the two is victorious
17:59 Steve: ...that right there, was shoppy
18:01 Alex: It is my personal, and well established belief that the only way to properly display by what exact margins one wins over the other, is by first drawing the whole setup out on lined paper, and then we will make a movie of it, and then we will take screenshots from the movie and paste them into a powerpoint presentation, so that we can more efficiently convey the conclusion we come to after weighing both options together...
18:02 Steve: with our final thoughts, essentially averages of all of the implied studes as our means for determining the victor as to whether or not the theory that, "getting shoppy > setting up," only after this conclusion is drawn will our work be finished
18:03 Steve: *not setting up, opening up
18:03 Alex: I agree. Glad we've made this clear to each other.
by Arlisch May 21, 2005
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1. We don't know what it means. It can be an undefined adjective.

2. Sketchy, unknown

3. Any adjective that existed, ever.
"He looked really shoppy over in the corner".

"That test last perios was SO shoppy".

"Don't be so shoppy to me!"
by Mo May 02, 2005
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A shitty clone of
"Hey man, have you heard of"
"Oh, you mean that blatant rip-off of that has terrible service and a shitty owner (finndev)?"
by Henaxo August 12, 2018
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