Any small car which is designed more for carrying shopping between supermarket and home than any other purpose. Often popular with the Barry crowd due to their low resale values and insurance premiums.
That's not a street racer, it's just a shopping car with three-spokes and a fart can exhaust.
by Timberwolf March 3, 2005
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Burglary of parked cars without breaking and entering. Typically oocurs in affluent middle-class sprawl where security is minimal and surveillance predictable. Shoppers may operate in low traffic parking lots or by night in residential areas.

Thieves will target unlocked vehicles for small valuables like sunglasses, loose change, wallets, CDs, small electronics and accessories. Stereo equipment and other permanent installations are generally left undisturbed. Occasionally a car shopper may force entry when a visible briefcase, backpack, or box is likely to contain exceptionally valuable items (e.g. laptop computer or merchandise)

To evade detection and remain inconspicuous, perpetrators selectively target favorable conditions. Ideal targets include street parking adjacent to dwellings with lax security and multiple luxury vehicles. Classification of a likely owner and proximity to that person's residency may also be taken into account.

To protect your residence, professional security or visible evidence of pets are the highest deterrents. Automatic appliances activated by timer or motion detection provide effective low cost security. Vanity lighting and sprinkler systems offer additional utilitarian deterrence as well.
We gunna hit up the burbs for some car shopping.
by Cynicmusic September 1, 2004
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A very common excuse used when trying to justify someone’s incompetence.
My name is Levi and my friends have “shop cars” so I can’t compete with them properly.
by Levi killa November 23, 2022
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What you as a couple tell your kids that you are doing when you are leaving to meet up for a threesome/orgy
Bye kids! Me and your mother are going car shopping, we’ll be home later!
by CalzoneDemon March 13, 2022
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