The stripper was so hot that by the time she finished my lap dance I was ready to shoot off in my pants.
by lcljr January 23, 2017
To tell a person where to go...
A negative asnwer to a question
Same Meaning as jog on and fuck you
1)Hey, man you wanna go down town

2)"Are u gonna do ur work, mckenna?"
"Shoot Off"

3)"Hey will you go out with me"
"Shoot off"
by Fall-Of-Society January 6, 2009
Shooting off - the act of masturbation. Originally meaning to leave or go somewhere (e.g. men may go shooting off to outer space..., I've got to shoot off now, will talk later though), but has come to mean wanking.
It was really awkward when Garr walked into the room and I was shooting off.

Person 1: Any plans for this evening?
Person 2: Not really. Might go shooting off later.
Person 1: Ok. Remember to clean it up afterwards :)
by Jon Pertwee III January 10, 2014
The action of climax during masturbation or sex. Usually when a male ejaculates, the semen shoots out as if a gun would do.
Male 1: It's hard being ugly, I can't get any type of sex bro.
Male 2: Just shoot one off and you'll be fine dude.
by schleepymane January 9, 2016
To thoughtlessly excitingly exuberantly spend on something!
“Come on Delaney, we don’t need to shoot the locks off ya know. Let’s take it easy tonight. One bottle of wine, tops.”
by LuckyLuky August 4, 2021
When you're really screwing yourself up by entangling yourselves in others' affairs, being dysfunctional, and making your life much more difficult than it needs to be.
Those girls are just shooting their feet off.
by CU Jeff March 12, 2007
An exclamatory phrase, often said when someone receives an L or something is excessively cringey.
"I honestly want to shoot my cock off, how the fuck did I lose my keys?"

"did you see this mans snapchat story? Shit was so bad I had to shoot my cock off."
by Gooch Spelunker February 16, 2017