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1. A delicious chocolate milk beverage. Only available in the Middle East, prominently in Israel, it is a sweet, wholesome, crisp, thirst quencher. Some scientists have argued that it contains a mysterious addictive substance although no research on the matter has been conclusive.

2. A code-name for Marijuana or Hasheesh. Used to avoid police, counselors and other buzz-killers.

3. A gravity bong made out of a bottle with a screen on the top and a hole to drain water in the bottom. The easiest, cheapest, most creative way to use a small amount of green or brown to get you blazed.
1. Peter: "Jason, your cut is literally oozing shoko, how much did you drink?"

Jason: "About 8,000,000 centiliters. You could say it's pumping through my veins. Only a large brown cow could make enough shoko to quench my thirst. It's Miller time."

2. We are going to need to roast SO much shoko before we go to this lecture.

3. It took me three shokos to realize that the word bed looks like a bed.
by Dr. Zissenwein March 22, 2010
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1) a total hoe

2) gold diggin hoe

3) only interest in material items
by 123abc November 29, 2007
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The most important character in the anime "Adventure Time."
She saw his arm, and it reminded her of the one she made for Shoko years ago.
by m33kil October 03, 2018
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