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the act of urinating while being given oral sex. it is applicable to either gender.
-that slut was so nasty that i had to give her a thirst quencher!!! (much laughter)
by the animal March 01, 2004
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The Thirst Quencher is a refreshing move in the bedroom where the female sits on the males face and rides the full porn stache into the American sunset while chugging a 12 oz bottle of orange Gatorade.
β€œDude last night me and this girl went to the nfl and she needed a drink, you best know that I gave her the ol’ thirst quencher”
by kaitylicious January 03, 2019
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The thirst quencher is a healthy maneuver involving a female drinking a Gatorade (or any beverage) while preforming a mustache ride on her male partner. It is commonly used in the foreplay section of a sexual encounter. It also prevents the dehydration that can occur after numerous rounds of sex.
Last night was insane, that chick grabbed an orange Gatorade out of the fridge, sat on my face, and we had the thirst quencher of a lifetime.
by Anotheronebitesthecrust January 03, 2019
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A group of daddies, in other words, a group of really hot people, generally of the male gender, or people you'd like to have sex with.
Look at that thirst-quencher over there. Ugh, they're all so fucking sexy.
by a_brown_hoe May 25, 2018
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