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Similar to an eyegasm, it is when one sees the most amazing/stunning/beautiful pair of shoes imaginable, producing a shoegasm. Term originated from Sex and the City
When I saw those pink Mary Janes, I had the most amazing shoegasm of my life.
by stealacceptance February 28, 2006
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Sexual pleasure you get from buying/wearing/ or just looking at a kick ass pair of shoes.
"Oh my God, look at those pumps, I think I'm having a shoegasm!!!"
by Lauren0289 February 25, 2006
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Pronounced - shu-gaz-uhm; noun; the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of shoe shopping excitation, usually resulting from placement of the foot/feet into a shoe/pair of shoes and is usually accompanied by the purchase of said shoes with complete disregard to pricing.
So I just slid one foot in and I couldn't help myself; I had a shoegasm right there in the middle of the store. Good thing I was sitting down for it.
by Naiad88 April 13, 2011
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A female orgasm brought on by multiple purchases of high end designer shoes at an incredible discount.
A hip fashionista finds a pair of the current season Gucci stilettos for 95% off and starts to pant. Her forehead flushes with a sheen of perspiration as she finds a second pair for the same incredibly low price. She let's out an uncontrollable low moan. Then, as if by magic, she locates a third pair and uncontrollably starts to shake, shimmy, and shudder. All of a sudden her knees start knocking and steam jets out from her ears. By now she's writhing with pleasurable abandon over her good fortune in obtaining the hottest three pairs of shoes on the planet. She then has an explosive Shoegasm when her credit card completes the transaction!

Being a modern kind of girl, she staggers back to the fitting sofa for three more pairs and another Shoegasm!
by Wholelottasole December 03, 2012
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the act of fucking a shoe

singular form. to fuck a shoe
Oh my god i blew my load in my that was a great Shoegasm!
by mr. gasm April 23, 2009
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