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A young closet homosexual male(teenage) who likes to likes to manipulate his straight male friends into sexual enocounters with him by having them hit on him for sexual satisfaction. Generaly acts macho, shovanistic to impress his straight male friends Generaly takes a homophobic stance in his opinions of gays.
A apparently homophobic young male with his simular aged peers, has a female friend who has fallen in love with him. He will go to the room and pretend to be haveing forplay with her, but then invites his straight friends into to watch as he exposes his genitals quickly but not long enough to arouse suspition

He leaves the room for a reason (ie to get a drink from the fridge). During which time he may breifly touch his straight males buttocks in a jokeing manner.
He goes to another room and calls his desired male into the room and talks and drinks a little then gets hard while his friend is there, subtly indicating it. If his friend seems uncomfortable he retorts his actions as "am only joking".
Though if his straight friend shows a subtle intrest through body language or more obvious hint, the "shnooby"becomes more intentful and senuale with his "prey", which ends in either felacio or penatrive sex.
by evilpope666 May 11, 2011
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