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Something out of this world amazing, originally in the description of good oral sex, but can be applied as seen fit. Closely resembling the word “sloppy” but better because it should be said emphasizing the “sh” sound.

Most commonly referred to as “shloppy top”
“Man I heard that Harry got some shloppy top in the school parking lot.”

“She gives the shloppiest head in school, it sounds like someone trying to unclog a toilet“

It’s too bad John’s girl doesn’t give him any shloppy top
by Nickynascar April 07, 2018
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verb: to shloppy.
To shloppy someone is to launch, from close range may i add, a soaking wet handful of tissue into someone's face whilst they are passed out on the sofa. The person throwing will shout shlo-oppp-y in a high pitched voice moments after impact. Traditionally, the victim's reaction is caught on several mobile phone video cameras so the moment can be cherished over and over and over again.
1. (a):DJ got shloppied again last night, twice!
(b):poor geezer, he's always the first one to nod off
(a):it was well funny
(b):do you remember when big Kenny hit him with the shloppy?
(a):ha hah ha hah ha ha.

2. (a):Shlooooopppppyyy!!!
(a):ha hah ha ha ha hah
(b):you're such a prick!
(a):ha ha hah hah ha ha ha
(c,d,e...) :ha ha hah hah hah ha ha ha!
by Mr Lowca August 10, 2006
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