V. To do anything.

Shlonking is a lifestyle choice, a way to express how much better you are than any person who doesn't shlonk the same way you do. Use it as a replacement for any verb in the hopes that more individuals realize the importance of gang shlonk.
- Yo anyway man I was shlonkin margaritaville up in loft and I mean real BOOL hours have commenced on God and this fucker comes by talking all that wack shit about get out da loft Im like me guy ur in my crib what are you GASSING bruh

- You put that shit on shlonk?

- Hell yeah man I shlonked that fucker half to death with my louisville slugger giveaway bat I got at the game last week fuck you mean

- Aii word imma shlonk you later that shits crazy fr
by VladimirShlonkenberry February 02, 2019
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Shlonking is the act of smoking weed while shitting, and having an orgasm at the same time
Hey Jack, I heard that Mike totally shlonked weed last night.

Holy shit! Matt still smells like ass after he shlonked that weed last night.
by Gus0001 February 15, 2019
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A definition of how hard you hit your head
I shlonked my head on the car trunk because I didn’t see how low it was
by Gay ham sandwich March 03, 2019
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Word used by London based pikeys to describe attractive people. Plural; shlonkz
'She iz shlonk blud!'
by Dreg July 22, 2004
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The noun from of schloink, when you settle into a chair and your booty digs into it
Grandma: Is thats chair comfortable Deary?
Me: Yeah its got some mad shlonk
by Crunchy Biscuits78 May 19, 2019
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Shlonked; A term that describes a level of intoxication, eg; I‘m shlonked, call a cab...cant even get my brain to sync with my feet! Further to‘ shlonked‘ is ‘shlonk-ed‘, emphasis on two syllable pronounciation, meaning a level above‘ shlonked‘.
‘He got so‘ shlonked‘ on Friday night we found him talking to a post box'..
by kebablalova December 16, 2013
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