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A person who appears generous, but counts the costs of everything and complains about what they chose to give. Usually, also blind to anything others do for them because they are so focused on the cost of everything they do.
The nerve of that shlepp complaining about me drinking the beer and saying I don't do anything for them. I sweat and cleaned and purchased the supplies to fix up the house as well as did it. What a shlepp, over a beer!
by DevonDextra May 07, 2014
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just an all out word. can be used intead of cool. also in yiddish its definition is to drag around.
other forms of the word are:shlepper,shelppin,shlepers
dude: hey isnt mike such a shlepper.
dude 2: yah he is just a big shlepp.

In Yiddish:
women: my husband is shleppin me to a kibutz near haife.
by Ben Geva October 10, 2007
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Synonymous with yuppy in noun form. They enjoy going to remote cities in Europe, backpacking with their Armana backpack, and of course drinking fine wine.
To chill out in remoter European cities, specifically Prague, Minsk, Crete, and Ancient Sardinia. They also enjoy going to Baja and Aspen.
Yeah, we were shlepping it hard core in Prague this Summer.
You can just shlepp around here for free!
Why do I work so hard on those TPS reports? So I can shlepp even harder on the weekend. You know what I mean. Hitting up the golf course cracking open a few of the imports, and making slow gin.
by Scrizzle Scrizzle March 22, 2005
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A cigarette; more specifically, a Marlboro Blend No. 27. Can be interchanged with a number of synonyms when in the presence of certain people in Rocky Hill, CT and the surrounding areas, such as sandwich, stanley, stiggle, steeze, shlepper, shleppy, stinker, stinky, stag, stagly, etc.
"I have to stop at the gas station and pick up a pack of shlepps"

"Got a shlepp dude?"
by dudemanguybroface April 12, 2010
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