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When someone says or does something so stupid it put you to "Sleep" mentally.

Shleep can also refer to flipping a sentence/situation to make someone feel dumb, when they did/said nothing wrong. This is often done by flipping metaphors, by comprehending someone saying something else than what was clearly meant. This is called putting someone to "Shleep"
Ex.1 (Put Em To Shleep) Tom: "I'm lowkey tryna bone her bruh..."
Me: " What does playing the piano have to do with skeletons?"
Tom: "I'm Shleep"

Ex.2 (Basic)Zach:" What's 9 + 10?"
Me: "21"
Zach: "I'm Shleep"

Ex 3. (Advanced put em to Shleep Tactics) Jack: "Can u get me a monster from the fridge?"
Me: " Hell nah, i aint goin in there to die"
Jack: "What?"
Me: You said there is monster in the fridge nigga i aint tryna die"
Jack: "I'm Shleep"
by Shle3P_GoD October 21, 2016
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When someone roasts you or someone else and makes you question your existence. Can also be used when a person says something or does something so dumb it makes you figuratively die.
John: Yo that that guy over there was just trying to toast a waffle and lit himself on fire

Grant: Hahahaha bruh I'm shleep
by shleepgod February 26, 2017
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Sleeping Sheep: The masses that are still asleep on important issues. They are cultivated the same way cows are cultivated for milk and meat, or like chickens for their eggs and meat or more accuractly for their wool. Shleep hearded by the government.
Why bother try to educate hopeless people? They are still shleeps. They are content living in their fantasy while they are being shared bald for their money... i mean.. wool.
by American Spirit May 31, 2012
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1. Imaginary sheep that you count to get to sleep.
2. A sleepy sheep
When I went to Australia, I sheared a shleep.
by Shleepy July 31, 2008
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having symptoms of sleep, while intoxicated or under the influence of any non-prescription drugs.
that hobo was so shleepy he didn't finish the bean burrito I bought him.
by Ricky Jagger June 12, 2016
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