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Used basically like “psych!” After you have said something false to trick someone (and are believed), you say “shitty face!” For added effect, you can prolong the “ay” sound and/or drop the “s” sound in “face” entirely.
Guy 1: Yo dude, I heard Marisa likes you, man!
Guy 2: Really?! Wow!
Guy 1: Shitty face! (Or “shitty faaaaaaaace!”)
by Jose Blose February 27, 2018
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Adj., said of one who has become quite inebriated with the aid of alcohol with perhaps other intoxicants, used most frequently when referring to alcohol alone
1Hello, Fr. McMillenfitzpatrickwilliam.
2Why hello there Little Johnny
1Get your hands offa me Fr., are you shitty face?
by Stew Pedasso November 04, 2003
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