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When one cannot keep their house or property clean and neet.
Just look at the Smith's yard, it's all shitted up from the crap they drag home from yard sales.
by Love2flyballoons April 08, 2016
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to be covered in copious amounts of shit.
Sal - aw yeah, so I come 'ome and Billy 'n Ben have left the toilet seat all fackin shitted up. I mean seeeeeriously...
by Truth & co March 04, 2014
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to get pissed around, to be in a state after just breaking up with your bird/lad, to be annoyed.
Gaz - You seen Baz lately?
Chaz - Nope, he's been pretty shitted up after Lozza dumped him for Daz.
Gaz - Fuck.
by Cat(: February 08, 2008
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