The unfortunate occurrence of a bowel movement that crests the rear band of an infant or toddler's diaper, resulting in yellow, curdy staining of the child's back and clothing (and often furniture, parents, and household pets).

The act of producing a shitback

Having characteristics of shitback.

See also shitleg and shitbaby
Oh no, the kid's got shitback!

Quick! Grab the change pad, he's shitbacking!

These diapers suck - he's all shitbacky.
by ochawan August 20, 2008
the art of quickly replying to someone shitting on you with an even better reply that outshits them.
Nicole: ....okay cool Sean Murray
Dayshon: Fuck you Nicole....
Dayshon to Morgan: Damn Morgan why dont i have a shitback when i need it.
by Sean Murray-Manuel May 7, 2010
A person who is regularly subjected to the wiping of dog faeces onto his back without his knowledge
Oi, shitback, you've got shit on your back!
by andy January 19, 2004
When you go to change the baby's diaper and the shit goes so high up on the diaper it actually goes onto their back and clothes.
Didn't you change him all day?!?!?! I came home and he had shitback!
by BartonJay August 23, 2005