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Unable to conjure humour in any form.

Someone with no sense of humour, or who is just plain boring, is 'shit crack'

A place that isn't entertaining can be said to have 'shit crack'
"John has shit crack"

"I was at this party, but left because it was shit crack"
by thecrackslayer June 18, 2009
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Shit Crack is a word that is used to describe and address many things. In addition to this it has several meanings, here they are. 1. A person that is shit crack is incomprehensibly boring, mediocre, idiotic, and so irrationally ignorant that when they walk into the room you know you hate them. 2. Shit Crack is a fucking hilarious word and may be used as a comedic term. 3. When Shit Crack is used to describe a place that means: 1. That the place is literally so awful it is literally a crack(like in a sidewalk) filled with shit, or 2. That is ridiculously mediocre and tasteless(taco bell) that even the herpes on the toilet seat are too good for the place. Please use Shit Crack it will make your descriptions of "anything" seem more... colorful.
7/11 is shit crack.

George Bush is shit crack, but i hated him already before he was sworn into presidency, the second time.

All mainstream commercial music (anything on Z100) is shit crack, meaning most people have a shit crack taste in music
by Frosty Nips November 06, 2010
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