an item necessary for obtaining a high level within the BattleField franchise
Jeff: check out that guys level
Paul: i wonder if he's emptied his shit bucket
by yous a bitch nigga November 23, 2013
A bucket for collecting feces and urine.
Instead of walking down the hall to the restroom, Ed takes a dump in the shit bucket and empties it weekly.
by FGump September 17, 2008
A guy who is extremely whipped over a female to the point if she had to take a shit on the spot,he would grab a bucket and catch it for her.
Jimmy: Did you hear about Luke?
Pedro: No, why?
Jimmy: Jane asked him to buy her lunch and do her homework again!
Pedro: Did he do it?
Jimmy: Yes!
Pedro: Luke is such a Shit Bucket!
by FloodedFloors August 28, 2010
A gamer's tool used to empty feces without going to the bathroom subsequently losing time to play more video games.
Damn, I played Halo so hard that My shit bucket overflowed.
by s0larpower August 20, 2014
A once good friend that has recently become addicted to online gaming.
Guy: Tim use to be a cool guy before online gaming.
Girl: Yeah, he's become a real shit bucket lately!
by ultraforwarden January 10, 2013
A bucket in which to shit
guy 1: "hey man do you know where the bathroom is I gotta take a massive dump"
guy 2: "use the shit bucket"
by ICan'tDecideOnWhatNameIWant December 4, 2018
This is a person who never leaves his room because he's to busy playing games.
Typically this person lives in the basement of their mum's house and the local pizzerias have a key to gain access.
He'll literally have a bucket to shit in as to not spend a second more than is needed away from game.
All the spare money they get from their YouTube videos is spent in game.
Their game is their life..
Pizza guy: hey man, need anything from the store tonight?
John: sure, will you pick me up some toilet paper and empty the bucket on the way out?
Pizza guy: jeez man, you need to sort out your life. You've become a total shit bucket!
John: what? Yeah, the cheap one.

Harry: hey man, we're going into town tonight. Would you like to come out with us?
George: AFK.
George: nah, I'm too busy bro sorry
(playing game)
George: back in.

Ryan: arghhhhh, stupid fckn game!!
*Kicks bucket*
Ryan: MUUUUUM!!! Lawl.

Noobmaster94: stupid noob.
by ༺(grey)༻ May 26, 2019