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Internet White Knight also known as White Knight's, are individual's whom are usually quick to defend those which are assumed to be female. White Knights have expectations that some brownie points will be earned for defending women on the internet. Internet White Knights are notable on most online video games and are often easily to spot after trolling females.

Internet White knights never get laid, nude pictures, phone numbers, or any type of reward when saving the damsel in distress.
BoBtheTaco: Hey John watch this.

PornTrooper: Okay.

BoBtheTaco: Hey elizabeth2010 isn't your call of duty to the

XxEm0Soldier420xX: Hey leave her alone you fat ugly nerd.

BoBtheTaco: saving her won't get you in her pants Internet White Knight.
by FloodedFloors September 20, 2010

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An individual whom follows around others to the point one could assume he or she was a shadow.
Shadower's can be obnoxious in a sense they feel what they're doing is not harmful. And yet to realize they're following individuals awkwardly.
Luke: Hey you did you go to the bar last night?
Bob: Yeah, but i was being shadowed again by you know who.
Luke: Louie?
Bob: Yeah i couldn't even talk to Shelly last night cause he was such a shadower.
by FloodedFloors November 02, 2010

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A guy who is extremely whipped over a female to the point if she had to take a shit on the spot,he would grab a bucket and catch it for her.
Jimmy: Did you hear about Luke?
Pedro: No, why?
Jimmy: Jane asked him to buy her lunch and do her homework again!
Pedro: Did he do it?
Jimmy: Yes!
Pedro: Luke is such a Shit Bucket!
by FloodedFloors August 28, 2010

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Stanboys are the most overzealous among all fandoms due to their extreme nature of loyalty to certain objects of affection. Stanboys differ from stans, and -fanboys due to rabid nature. While fanboy's loyalty can change from time to time, a stanboy has absolute refusal to try anything that differs from their liked object.
Similar to how apple fans will refuse to touch any droid device, marvel fans refuse to watch nondisney filmed comic movies from rival brands , or consoles stans who refuse to play on a console not their favorite brands.
Stanboy behavior is often on par with the behavior of the "TWIHARD" fandom during the late 00s where twilight fans assaulted non-fans who criticized the movie and books with physical violence and various weapons.
Student A: Hey let me give you my number so i can give you directions our study group tonight

Student B: sure let me see your phone

Student B: ...

Student A: Is there a problem?

Student B: Yeah i don't touch non apple devices

Student A : Are you freaking kidding me?!? Don't even worry about it stanboy

Student B : Just find someone with an iphone so I can get directions

Student A : nah hard pass dude.
by FloodedFloors October 14, 2020

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A Stanboy is an overzealous person who's in a complete obsession with Person, Place, Product, or other like objects.
Stanboys differentiate themselves from fanboys due to the extreme obsession. While many fanboys will at least still try other products including their rival one's time to time. Stanboys live with the notion that whatever they prefer, is the one above all for said categories and will refuse to try anything that rivals what they enjoy. Stanboys are often confrontational when in the presence of anything that rivals their likes, and often believes the rival should be executed for simply not enjoying what they do. This was common during the release of the Twilight films and Books where overzealous, "Twihards" had attacked nonfans with flareguns, attempted stabbings, acid being thrown on another, and jumping of a girl in a Wal-Mart. Despite many companies not caring for the individuals, many Stanboys will defend whatever object of affection blindly even if said item is of absolute garbage quality.

This is common among the following groups of fans/stans:

Marvel Cinematic Universe

World of Warcraft Players

Metal "Fans"
Gaming Console Fans
Twilight community
Dragonball Z fans
Chris : Have you seen that new end game movie
Kimberly: Nah, superhero movies have kind of burnt me out, though I may watch it later
Chris: Why later and not now... It's the best movie of all time, it has broken more box office records than any other movie to date.
Kimberly: Chill dude, like calm the heck down I just said I would watch it later.
Chirs: People like you should die, Disney built something beautiful and life-changing and you're not even appreciating it
Kimberly: That's cool, like whatever, I think I'm going to watch the Joker instead now.
Kimberly: Frist off you're white, and a literal incel, and a male. Not that I care about stuff like that, but I'm going to watch the Joker either way. Stan away Stanboy
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by FloodedFloors October 02, 2020

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1. A insult used most notably used by WWE's wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson usually followed by "candy ass" afterwards.

2. A word that filters from,"Nigger" on 4chan

The phrase originates from The Rock.
The Rock: The Rock says you can take your Roody-Poo candy ass up jabroni dr, and check your self directly into, THE SMACK DOWN HOTEL!
by FloodedFloors August 21, 2012

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