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Dried crusty shit flakes at the top of someone's ass crack who doesn't wash their ass.
Hey Shawn, you can tear off those Shit Shingles now. It's not gonna rain so I don't think your asshole will get wet now.
by Sick MikeyG January 10, 2021
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When fucking an unclean asshole, it is very possible to remove your dick, covered with your partners shit. This problem is best solved by wiping your partner's face with said shit covered member. Resulting in a dirty sanchez.
That fat bitch shit shingled me last night!
by Iva-Bigun August 12, 2005
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Having anal sex with an unclean ass.
Upon completion, one finds a turd atop his penis. This act is directly responsible for the "Dirty Sanchez".
"Man, that fat bitch I was fuckin got me all shit shingled."
by Sskid January 18, 2005
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its when you let out a crap and its in the shape of a rectangle, hard and crusty
i found a shit shingle on my pillow last night
by KC roller biatch March 29, 2004
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Dried beef frizzled and then creamed and finally ladled onto a piece of toast. Ground beef could also be used to make this Army delicacy aka SOS.
Dad: Mom's making shit on a shingle for breakfast!
Me: SOS I'm outta here, time to cruise the highway and create misery
by skunkyskank May 10, 2018
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“hey man you hear the new album? it’s fire
nah man that’s shit on a shingle
by lørd skum February 20, 2019
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The act of shaving one's chest before sexual intercourse and getting a Cleveland Steamer. Within the next few days your chest will begin to grow welts and develop hives. If shit shave shingle pain is not treated, puss will start to blowout of large shingle sized bubble growing on your chest. If small shit animals form, call a doctor immediately.
Jimmy'Why are there red bumps on your chest Steve?'
Steve'Ah, yes, it is because Shannon gave me Shit Shave Shingle Pain by shitting on my chest.'
Jimmy'Dumbass nigga.'
by carey elizabeth April 19, 2019
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