A more kid-friendly way of saying the word "S--T".
Derived from the process of censoring songs by playing curse words in reverse.
(The 'shi' part is played forwards but then immediately played in reverse before reaching the letter 't', thus producing the word "shish".)
1. "What the heck is all this shish?"
2. "You're full of shish".
3. "This shish is gonna hit the fan"
by TheShark06 September 24, 2006
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Swank, flashy, glamorous. No positive or negative connotation implied. shi shi
A very shish restaurant.
by M January 07, 2005
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Pikey food is Shish kebab whereas a Chavvy will sick with Donner kebab which makes more mess on pavement.

Always preceeded by the word "large" and followed by "wiv chilly salse". Often pikey will work the calaries off in anticipation by fighting someone while it cooks.
"Large Shish wiv chilly salse".

"Who the f**k you looking at pal?"
by andy March 23, 2004
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Most retarded,always on crack seems like he/she escaped from a mental hospital.
They may use language like Siss,Soss,weow,or yeeeee.

They kill and eat anything on site and DOES NOT suck dick.
Oh God its a Shish.
The Shish then killed everything in site.
by buffering laptop January 20, 2017
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