Another way of saying something is funny 不不
Haha thats so Shingi !!
by Im not a batty man December 22, 2019
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To stick a finger in someones asshole
I just totally got shingied in my ass

The uncle wanted to shingy me
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Doesn't mean anything.

People that are called a shingis should be left confused, as it means absolutely nothing.
They will probably search everywhere/ask people what shingis means.
Doris: ok turnin nigga
Alex: What does that even mean? You're such a shingis.
Doris: ?????
by sifualex March 31, 2014
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i once danced with a girl and her shingy went all over my leg beacuse she was on her period!
by dustinpenner1 December 31, 2010
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The short phrase shingy is a vingy in its nature, indicative of the rigour and pace at which Kacie Shingarra instructs the Folsom High Course of AP Language and Composition. This, combined with her unpredictable demeanour demonstrated by her capricious mood swings and unrelenting grading of essays jusitifies the very phrase within itself. Thereby: Shingy is a Vingy
by lil shaq999 December 12, 2019
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a British grime legend who is a pure roadman that spits pure fire
woah that kid is the next Mc Shingy
by Grime December 28, 2016
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A term for a crazy person

Nah dont mess with him hes Shingi
Nah dont mess with him hes shingi
by peakonyou October 3, 2019
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