something that smells and tastes pass out good
To make spaghetti sauce real good add 2 tblsp Melinda Deines period blood
by jade pugets gramma March 20, 2003
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is something a woman/female pees from her vagina (You can be a man and have a period you know, only if you're transgender)
also, don't eat/drink period blood.
by XDgirlChelsea November 14, 2020
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A complete and total mess. i mean think about it......what would everyones reaction be when they find out the food that they have been eating at the barbeque is marinated in period blood. just terrible...
"That test was a god damn Period blood barbeque. I dont think i got a single answer right"

"His fantasy football team is a fucking Period Blood barbeque, just a mess"
by moose donovon October 31, 2011
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A person who often is red, sweaty, and smelly.
Did you see that bucket of period blood at school today?
by Hibitchy April 5, 2016
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people that drink period blood because it’s warm and tasty
nero longing is over there being a period blood drinker
by ramen..boyyt September 21, 2021
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When a girl consumes their used tampon or pad to restore there iron lost the week of her period (eating healthy could make this more enjoyable)
I have low iron efficiency so I have to take supplements or consume my period blood (period blood consumption
by Alenagolfer October 1, 2019
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