That cute Asian guy you met by chance who seemed so sweet and shy. Further along, he's got a huge dick and is ridiculously good in bed. Brace yourself for an exciting sex life.
Girl: Man, I wish I didn't break up with Shimon. My new boyfriend has a shitty personality and is horrible in bed.

Girl 2: I'm so lucky for dating Shimon. My dad thinks he's awesome and smart. He's a real sweetheart on the streets but is a monster under the sheets.
by MyBiasIs_ April 18, 2019
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Term used when referring to a ridiculously cool act. It is an act which is on the most infinite level awesome and amazingness.

Jack: Wow did u see that catch last night?

Matt: Yeah, it was Shimon.
by Insane OBJ February 24, 2017
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The continuous cycle of a person who eats and shits out his shit over and over again.
"Man i felt so sick yesterday"


"I was doing some shimon and i saw some beenshoots hanging out"

"Oww man that's terrible!"
by Mash Dat March 5, 2009
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