When a women takes a photo of a mans pants, Mainly aiming at his penis. It is the process of which the women fantasies and proceeds to masturbate to the image of the mans penis.
Oh I Want Frank's Shimmy Shimmer Tonight <3
by Greggeles September 9, 2014
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shimmer is hamzas twin, hes in love with MYC, will never make yoga mod, never make harisa vip, never make adil a song. his carpet matches his drapes, he hasnt shaved his pubes since 2020. he is able to hit the high notes in songs as he tugs as his small asian ballsack. he takes the pess with the amount of pessing he does.
girl 1 omg my fave streamer is live
girl 2 do you know my fave streamer hes such a shimmer, he grabs his balls on stream!
by 6ROWNIE August 21, 2022
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When you are fucking a girl and instead of using lube, you use gasoline. Then you light that pussy on fire cause it lit.
I heard Matt pulled off the shimmer last night
by YeetMcYeet70 August 17, 2023
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A Shaft Shimmer is another name for a handjob. This term was coined by Garrett.
Zach - last night totally got a Shaft Shimmer last night behind Gus'
by zachquinnfosho November 1, 2010
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a kids show on nickelodeon that made my childhood amazing

if u never watched it before ur life is sad af go watch it rn
Emily: shimmer and shine is such a good kids show!

sara: ikr! its so cute
by lesbianswillruletheworld February 1, 2023
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When you fuck a old lady with white pr gray hair. Then cum on her hair
I gave a granny a silver shimmer last night
by Gem January 19, 2016
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