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An object that has a shimmering glow to it
"That's a nice necklace but, it lacks shimmerance....."
by Bassidhound September 18, 2012
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1. A good song by Fuel.
2. shining; sparkling
1. Shimmer is a cool song.
2. Shimmer gold.
by dref said right June 13, 2004
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A floor wax. Outlasts every other leading floor wax, 2 to 1. It's durable, and it's scuff-resistant.
Wife: New Shimmer is a floor wax!
by LexAveNYC November 18, 2007
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a dessert topping. it's delicious! Perks up anything from an ice cream sundae to a pumpkin pie!
Husband: No, new Shimmer is a dessert topping!
by LexAveNYC November 18, 2007
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Have you been hitting the shimmer?
by Robin April 22, 2004
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the act of listening to the song "Shimmer" by Fuel while excreting or "taking a dump." This usually occurs while on the toilet, but occasionally can happen in other places, as well.
I feel so relaxed right now. I just shimmered.
by mah nigga larry February 24, 2012
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