1. To Look Good, Fly, or well dressed, also stylish.
2. A Type of Condom, Very Commonly used by people.
3. An Entertainer from Pittsburgh Pa, Ex Pro Wrestler and Comedian residing currently in West Virginia.
1. That shit's sheik! Where did you get it?
2. I'm gonna be with Sandy tonight, where can I get some Shiek's?
3. Did you hear the Shiek's new MMA song on Minithin's site? That shit is Dope!
by jackson223 March 16, 2009
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1. An Arabic person.

2. A person with a very dark tan.
1. That shiek over there is from Arabia.

2. She's a total shiek with that tan.
by Jacky MoMo May 13, 2010
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A Hollywood slang term for young slutty drunk blondes who try to hook up with ex boyfriends or celebrities.
Rick: That blonde Hannah Montana-looking girl tried hooking up with me after fucking her ex.

Joey: In Hollywood we call those girls Nickelodeon Shiek.
by Alfred Miller September 19, 2009
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Someone who looks smart and is smart (usually specializing in the computer area; building, fixing computers, making websites, etc) but wears high class clothing.
"Lyndon is so GEEK SHIEK wearing those prada glasses, burberry scarf, dressy black pea coat and nice pants - and he fixes computers!"
by ~KMH~ March 5, 2010
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