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Sherly is the type of girl who can make your whole day better. She can be funny and goofy at times but can be a total bitch when you piss her off. Sherly will make your whole world better. Sherly's are also very loyal and a good friend. She is a bad ass BITCH who will fuck it up. She is one of a kind.
DAMNNN, Sherly lit asff.
by ImaBadBihhUCantKillMe April 02, 2018
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A flawless ass bitch with a nice round ass & a boyfriend name brandon that is a flawless lion. She is from brooklyn & likes apple juice & occasionally watches porn . fancy ass bitch , part time disciple of base god .
oh my godness basegod , im a sherly!
by hotboxbitch09 November 28, 2011
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