all those who have their names similar to Sher are usually good looking persons (especially the eyes and lips) and have one hell of a character. They never give up and are difficult to resist. ^^ Never underestimate the friendship of a sher :P
^^ simple definition of the name Sher
by sherylg12 March 7, 2008
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The way someone says ‘sure’ if they are severely demented/have mental issues
Leandro: Bro I bashed Rik up yesterday at Musgrave
Brandon: ‘Sher’
by 2536472 July 24, 2020
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One of the coolest guys that you could ever meet and he knows how to make every girl feel special and amazing about themselves
Is that Sher he knows how to make a girl feel good about themselves
by KKZ1507 June 1, 2017
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Persian word for "songs". Can also be short for the Persian slang term "Coseh Sher"or "Kos-e-sher" literally meaning "vagina songs", often used by Persians to describe trivial comments, actions, or thoughts. Use is similar to the English term "Bullshit".
"Hey Behrooz, I missed Simm's lecture yesterday. Did you take notes?"

"Don't worry buddy, it was all just sher, as usual"
by poussitis November 18, 2011
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To talk manical on a microphone, telephone or other broadcasting device. To hog the mic and load up devices to curtails others freedom of expression.

To make crazy predicitions, and involve Government staff in them, esp. the Whitehouse, FEMA, etc.

Originates in Politics Lobby 3 Yahoo! chatrooms
"Man I was so sher today"

"I sherr'd their ass in the room today"
by Erik Trask November 20, 2005
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A way of spelling "sure".
Girl: "Wanna have sex?"
Boy: "sher"
by Yami Tsuki July 25, 2008
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A dumbass who doesn't know how to spell "sure"
Guy: yo wanna play some Minecraft?

Dummy: Sher
by Ghostbert February 12, 2022
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