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recognition a di most hype ting i.e.: tune, sound, artist, event,
SHELLINGS!!!", new Riddim from yard!!!
by denverbanton July 20, 2011
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If something is shellings, it's absolutely amazing. This is most used in UK Garage/ DnB subcultures. Many variations of this word is used to mean different things. Shellerz/ shellington / shelby are all different variations meaning the same thing. If a DJ is "shelling down" at a rave, it means they're shutting it down with their lyrical skill.
"DJ Q's new album is shellings!"
by reebok classics are shellerz December 18, 2016
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The act of turning away from social networks and/or communication in order to get some alone time and/or relief from the excessive use of online social networks/communication. This does not mean the sheller does not use dark social mediums such as e-mail and/or text messaging.
Adam: Hey Steve, why are you not on facebook anymore?

Steve: I told you!! I'm shelling for a few months. I can't be too addicted to shit like facebook and twitter!

Adam: You can't be in your shell forever, you'll be back.
by EyesExistInTheSky October 29, 2012
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To backout of a peer-pressured situation.
He's shelling out of drinking at tonight's party.
by wardell1973 November 25, 2015
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