A nice way to say "goddamn" without using The Lord's name in vain. Mostly used by black people

now white people on the other hand say "GODdamn" so therefore they use the lord's name in vain
"I'm gon beat yo got damn ass" - black person

"I'm gonna beat your GODdamn ass" - white person
by 2010j July 28, 2007
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A pronunciation of "God Damn", commonly utilized by those local to West Atlanta/Bankhead. Can be used in just about any grammatical situation.

Commonly heard in T.I. songs, and in the movie "Snow on Da Bluff".
TI: "I got gotdamn 'bout fo mo over here."

Ex 2:
"Get out the gotdamn car!"
by JTHOMP April 29, 2015
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