An expressive variation of goddamn or God damn, typically used with a sharper connotation.
Gotdamn thats alot of money!
by FModena3Sixty November 22, 2006
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A pronunciation of "God Damn", commonly utilized by those local to West Atlanta/Bankhead. Can be used in just about any grammatical situation.

Commonly heard in T.I. songs, and in the movie "Snow on Da Bluff".
TI: "I got gotdamn 'bout fo mo over here."

Ex 2:
"Get out the gotdamn car!"
by JTHOMP April 29, 2015
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An alternative used to describe any event, good or bad.
Guy 1 : "Hey man how was your game yesterday?"
Guy 2 : "Well you know we went out there pulled a gotdamn and come home."
Guy 1 : "Nice man!"
by Jumpyboat January 28, 2020
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