Next-level skiving. Raising avoidance of the workplace to an art form.
When I woke up today, the heating was nearly half a degree out of whack, so I obviously had to some Shelleying. I told my boss I had hypothermia and was in the spa by 9.30.

A sustained campaign of Shelleying had enabled Simon to write his first novel, a six hundred page meditation on one man’s struggle with devastating haemorrhoids.

Person 1: “Man, I’ve not been in to work on a Friday for 15 years. I tell them I’m working from home, but I’ve totally cracked out the gin by mid-morning.”
Person 2: “Dude, that is some epic Shelleying.”
by Lancaster's Second Finest March 15, 2019
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to have a woman tickle your balls while you masturbate
So this girl and I were playing 'just the tip' so I could convince her to have sex, but she said no and I had to settle for a shelley.
by the infamous S. March 16, 2007
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The act of sexing up an overly confident person. Once finished, promptly jumping off while getting dressed and heading towards the door. Must make a quick escape thereby foregoing the bullshit of cuddling. Also you must not forget to throw out a clever off the wall saying such as:

"Same time next week?"
"Shit I'm hungry lets get some Taco Cabana"
"I've had better"

**note: this can be preformed by both sexes***
1)"Last night was fucking hilarious,I totally shelley'ed him."

2)"Dude, I'm going to shelley my girlfriend tomorrow, she was being a bitch."
by stephenTO!! July 23, 2008
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the removal of an item of upperbody clothing on the sight of an attractive chav
as soon as that chav came in she did a shelley
by jamesbriggsy March 22, 2007
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shelley is an old lesbian p.e. teacher that hooks up with other female p.e. teachers. she will belittle your friends volleyball skills and make you feel bad about urself. but.... she can be nice when she wants to.
kid#1: dude who do you have for p.e.?
kid#2: i have shelley and ive heard that she doesn’t like good volleyball players.

kid#1: ahahaha man that sucks for you!!
by thotslayer6ix9ine August 25, 2019
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Independent pro wrestler who uses what he has named the British Lucharesu style: a combination of British technical-chain wrestling, Lucha Libre, and Puroresu (Japanese wrestling). An extremely skilled technician, Alex is currently (2007) working solely for NWA-TNA in America. He has wrestled around the world, most notably in ROH in America and Zero-One in Japan.
Alex Shelley is also in a tag team with Chris Sabin.
by R.J. R. May 15, 2007
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the most beautiful and talented person in the entire world who myself and many others love with all of our hearts.
she's such an amazing human being, I will forever love Shelley Hennig with all of my heart!
by maliable August 17, 2017
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