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The Sheeny curse
The Curse of the Jew manifests itself into many different forms. Most of the time, when a Jewish man or woman is fully in touch with their sheeny magic they can channel it into “cursing” others. Usually with financial troubles, Death of the first born son, boils , vomit, diarrhea etc.
Another aspect of the curse of the ancient sheeny magic is when a “ bad Jew” doesn’t embrace his heritage, the ancient magic is reflected to ones self. Usually manifesting in Jewish males, the curse spreads outward pouring into the wife or girlfriend of the afflicted. Most cases turning the spouse into a jap or magnifying her Jewishness to the point of either divorce or murder, whichever is more financially convenient.
John: What happened to your wife, she turned into such a Jap!
Chester: Its the Sheeny curse man I'm telling you !
by sonofyogi June 27, 2016
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the curse a jew will put on you and therefore give you a bad financial year. Usually done by taking off their skullcaps and unleashing the curse within.
Britney Spears. Went from high flying pop princess to a mess. The Jews tally another victim with the sheeny curse.
by God's Son October 11, 2007
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This is what little Blonde Haired,Blue eyed Jews put on you when you call him a Jew
I called Andy a Jew and he put the Sheeny Curse on me.
by Tom Demby October 27, 2008
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