The reason why you have to be nice to jews, or they will give it to you.
Oh Shit son that greedy-ass jew just gave me the sheeny curse!
by SHAKEANBAKE August 10, 2006
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A curse brought forth by a Jewish man that renders you with financial troubles for anywhere between 1-3 years. (Depending on the severity of the Sheeniness in the Jewish suspect.)
Damn, I was talking about that Jew's girlfriend. Then, he put the sheeni curse on me and i just lost my wallet.
by P. Master Flex July 4, 2011
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the curse a jew will put on you and therefore give you a bad financial year. Usually done by taking off their skullcaps and unleashing the curse within.
Britney Spears. Went from high flying pop princess to a mess. The Jews tally another victim with the sheeny curse.
by God's Son October 11, 2007
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the curse set upon the jews by god after they killed jesus.
solomon was given the sheeny curse when he had his circumcision.
by fusckshitassbitchcunt July 22, 2006
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This is what little Blonde Haired,Blue eyed Jews put on you when you call him a Jew
I called Andy a Jew and he put the Sheeny Curse on me.
by Tom Demby October 27, 2008
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The Sheeny curse has many negative symptoms. The sheeny curse symptoms are as followed. Money loss, halitosis, intense greed, burns on the skin, and you become untalented at sports.
Darn, I pissed off a Jew and I received the Sheeny Curse. Now I am un-athletic. The sheeny curse symptoms are not fun.
by Aaron Nubbard November 13, 2007
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