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A person with an abundance of pubic hair who leaves a sprinkling of curlies on the toilet seat for the next user to enjoy the visuals of.
Matt: "Sean, bro sorry I took so long"
Sean: "Yah what happened man?"

Matt: "Had to clean the seat from a "shedder" that was in the stall before me"
by NewYorkBill July 17, 2016
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(verb) When you dress in a style similar to another person, but you clearly look better in it.
Beyoncé shedders Kim Kardashian a lot lately, almost like the better twin!

That bitch is trying to shedder my style!
by millershakes April 19, 2017
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one of those people whose pubic hairs fall out by the dozen in the company urinal.
bob's a "shedder", I pissed after he did and there must have been 25 pubes on the edge of the urinal...
by peabody12866 December 19, 2011
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